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For Teachers: Reflect and Reset


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Teachers! You give so much to your students all year - it’s time to give to yourself!

The end of every school year and the beginning of the next are busy times focused on tearing down or setting up. It’s easy to get caught up in that whirlwind and before you know it one school year dissolves into the next. Few educators, myself included, carve out time to reflect on their school year and give themselves a chance to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

We spend the final weeks of the year giving students a chance to reflect and as we write their final progress reports we focus on what they’ve accomplished.  We focus on student growth but rarely do we take the time to critically look at our own growth.  By the time we say goodbye to our students we’re ready to pack up and collapse.

What if this year was different?

What if you gave yourself the time and space to: 

  • determine what you did and how you showed up in ways that positively impacted your year so that you can continue to build on that success
  • reflect on what held you back or kept you from reaching your goals so you can choose a different path next year
  • build your confidence by recognizing all the ways you contribute to your school community
  • foster deeper connections with your colleagues
  • expand your support network by connecting with other educators who are committed to the same introspection and growth
  • take care of yourself so that you have a greater capacity to give back and have more stamina to combat the stresses of school life

This course IS that time and space. During this amazing two-part series, first we’ll come together in June so you can do some game-changing reflection.  Then we’ll come back together in August and you’ll have a unique opportunity to create a personal game plan that will help you set the tone for the new school year.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Personal Reflection - Through a series of engaging activities, you’ll review your school year and take a look at what worked for you and what didn’t.  With a greater awareness of how you’re showing up in your work, you can continue to leverage what works or change what doesn’t. 
  • Practicing Self Care - We’ll do several activities that will help you make self-care a priority.  You will build your capacity for combatting stress and discover new ways to strengthen your working relationships.
  • Leadership Training - You will work on developing your leadership skills, specifically leadership of self. You’ll have an opportunity to make sure there’s an alignment between your core values and your behavior. You’ll also have an opportunity to get clear on your intentions for the year and then learn ways to actually put those intentions into action! There are so many things in the educational setting that you can’t control - curriculum, budgets, students and their adversities, administrators’ decisions, and other people. This course is about shifting your focus to what you CAN control - YOU, your actions, and the school year you want to create!

This course is NOT about curriculum, lesson plans, or resources for students (though you'll probably be inspired to use the activities you participate in with your class to help them reflect too). This course IS about you and your own empowerment. This course is NOT about leadership of others. This course IS about leadership of self.  It’s about recognizing your strengths, taking action where you discover room to grow, and caring for yourself so that you have the stamina that the work of education demands.

We cannot give what we do not have. Take this opportunity to give to yourself so that you can be the most empowered, confident educator you can be. Your students and your school community deserve that and most of all, so do you!

The future of the world is in your classroom - let’s get ready for them!


When does the class begin?  On Tuesday, May 29th

I missed the start date. Can I still join? Yes! Register now and complete the course activities when you want. I think there's a benefit to participating when other classmates are participating because there will be fun opportunities to engage and connect with others. You'll have access to the course for as long as you want after you register, so you can complete it when you're able to.

If June is so busy for teachers, why start the class now? A couple reasons - 1) there will be an opportunity to connect with your colleagues, which would be harder to do once school it out; 2) you will likely get some ideas you can use with your students to reflect on the school year (win, win); 3) if you're like me, the likelihood of actually reflecting and thinking about school once summer break has started is low...real low.

What's the time commitment? I tried to keep the insane busyness of June in mind when I created the activities, so you can expect to spend anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes on each one.

What all am I getting for the cost of registration?

A two-part series:

  • Reflect - 3 weeks of activities to encourage reflection at the end of the school year, from May 29th - June 14th
  • Reset - 2 weeks of activities to help you create a vision and game plan for the new school year, from August 13th - 24th
  • Video, audio, writing activities, downloadable PDFs, and a slidecast