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The Essentials for Teachers



Made for teachers by a teacher!

Your deck contains:

60 inspiring strategy cards plus 8 blank bonus cards to create your own pep talks! 

The cards are organized into six different color categories. Each category offers a different kind of support:

If you’re a teacher, you are my people because I’m a teacher too. This deck is my passion project for you and for myself. Teaching requires grit, compassion, and serious emotional resilience - sometimes you need a pep talk!

Webster’s dictionary defines grit as mental toughness and courage and that’s exactly what this deck is all about. It's about strengthening the grit we have, finding more of it when we can, and modeling that grit to give our student an example of persistence and tenacity. 

Grit is having the courage and willingness to keep going even when things get really hard. Imagine what it would be like to really help your kids find and embrace their grit! What an awesome way to set them up for success in life. As with everything we teach, we can only teach to the depth of our own understanding, so what better way to help them learn about and find their own grit than by modeling it and living it yourself?

Grit is like emotional resilience - the ability to weather any storm. As teachers, every day we have the unique opportunity to be able to help our students be more self aware and to navigate their emotions more mindfully so they can make choices for themselves from a calmer, more grounded place.  If we want our students to learn about and really accept their innate personal power, they need to have examples that make it real for them.  They need to see people who operate from that grounded space. They need models.  The strategies on these cards offer you different perspectives and exercises you can use to practice operating from that calm, grounded space more often.  As you do, not only will you feel more calm and more peaceful, you will also be modeling that calm, peaceful, and more grounded way of being for your students.

This deck is also about support. Teaching can be hard. It can take a lot out of us. It’s easy to stay in the bubble of our own classroom and keep to ourselves. It can be hard to admit when we’re not sure what to do or if we think we've done something wrong. When we struggle, we tend to struggle in silence. Of course we want to serve kids the best we can. Sometimes we can serve them better if we ask for a little help. To ask for help and admit that maybe we don’t have all the answers can feel really scary. We're the teachers - we're supposed to be the ones with the answers. 

This deck is an opportunity to give yourself some support. It will encourage you to confidently ask for support when you need it. And I hope it reminds you to gracefully receive support when someone is willing to give it. We really are all in this together!

For some of you, this deck could be a life line to help you survive. For others, this deck could be something you use to continue to thrive. Either way, remember - you can’t pour from an empty cup. I created this deck for you to use as one way you can give back to yourself and fill your own cup so you can continue to give to others as much as you do.

Pick a card, give yourself a little pep talk, and then keep on fighting the good fight! The future of the world is your classroom today!  

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