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About Our Brand

Hand drawn illustration and hand lettering of Personal Pep Talk's core values

Personal Pep Talk is an empowerment brand! We created the decks for two reasons. 1) They offer you uplifting strategies to support you right when you need it - without having to read a whole book first! 2) They are perfect reMINDers.

As a teacher, I really nerd out about how the brain works and using these cards totally aligns with what I know about how the brain processes and stores new information.

Hand drawn illustration and hand lettering that illustrates how the brain processes and stores new information

So if you want to internalize these strategies, keep coming back to them. It’s like forging a new path in a field of grass - the more you walk on that path, the clearer the path becomes.


My husband, Eric, and I self-published our entire product line. We are the authors, illustrators, graphic designers, handletterers, and wood crafters who design and create everything we sell. The only thing we don’t do is the printing, which we’ve outsourced in order to make our deck affordable and accessible to you!

We had an idea, which literally started out as drawings in my sketchbook, and we figured out how to produce beautiful, high-quality products. We proved to ourselves that everything is “figureoutable”! 

Since we self-publish our decks and tattoos, we have total control over the design and messaging so we can really stand behind what we’ve created and what we’re selling. All the strategies in the cards are things that my husband and I actually do in life to stay positive and empowered. We're walking our talk, sharing strategies with you that we actually practice. 


We're committed to constantly finding more ways to give back to our community. One way we're sharing the love is by donating 10% of all profits to organizations that empower women and children. Currently, we're raising money to contribute to Mary's Place, a local organization that empowers homeless women, children, and families to reclaim their lives.