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The Essentials



 The Essentials contains:

60 inspiring strategy cards plus 8 blank bonus cards to create your own pep talks! 

The cards are organized into six different color categories. Each category offers a different kind of support:

Do you want to feel more calm, confident, and compassionate?  Do you have a pesky “monkey mind” that does everything it can to keep you from feeling that way? Me too!

Are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve some big scary goals you have?  Even though you know you can do it, do you still doubt yourself every step along the way? I feel you. I totally do that too.

Are you putting yourself in a position of leadership and taking on more responsibility because you think you can make a huge positive difference on a bigger stage?  Even though others value your leadership and respect your contribution, do you get scared you’re just faking it? Yep! I do too.

Are you saying yes to new opportunities and doing everything you can to stretch and grow, but wake up some days and just wish you could stay in bed?  Me too!

I know that any time I reach for something new or commit to changing my mind I’m going to be faced with a whole new level of obstacles, challenges, and doubts.  I know that these challenges are part of the journey and the doubts are human.  I’m all about progress over perfection, and still... the struggle is real.

I made these cards as much for me as I did for you. I’ve been using these strategies for a long time, but when I find myself in especially tough situations, it’s easy to forget them. So, I decided to create some easy reminders to help us stay on track. This deck features my top 60 strategies that help me feel stronger, more peaceful, more mindful, and more empowered.

These cards will definitely give you a private pick-me-up whenever you need some extra support or a little reminder that you’re a capable badass. They might even inspire you to explore new ways to strengthen your connections with your support network. The best parts of life get even better when we can share them with others. We're in this together and we really do rise by lifting others up!

Life is tough but you are tougher. Pick a card and get a pep talk as you continue to find your way!

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