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Tattoo - Progress over perfection



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I designed this tattoo to remind me to value and celebrate my progress over perfection. It reminds me of a quote my daddy used to tell us all the time, "Better one's own path, though imperfect, than the path of another well made." Wear this tattoo when you need a reminder to keep moving forward towards your goals and dreams. Taking even one step gets you that much closer to your desired destination!

Temporary tattoos are awesome tools to help you keep your attention focused on how you are committed to being and what you want to create in your life. A glance down at a tattoo on your wrist can be all it takes to help you reset.

This beautifully handwritten black temporary tattoo will last for 2 - 5 days on average - staying power varies depending on where you place this awesome reminder on your body (more oily areas or places that stretch won't last as long).

It's safe, non-toxic, and exceeds safety standards for the FDA (U.S.), Canada, and the EU. Made in the USA.

Size: 2"w x 1.5"h