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Episode #6- Emotional Campfire

Posted by Stacy Davison on

It was almost eight years ago now that I realized I had totally lost touch with some big emotions. Back then, if I was feeling sad or angry or disillusioned and you asked me to name the feeling I was experiencing, I would have had a tough time. I could feel a pressure in my chest. I could feel the physiological effect it was having on my body, but I couldn’t name it. I had worked so hard at pushing those “bad” feelings down, I was like a boiling tea kettle about to pop.

I started using the strategy I talk about in this episode, emotional campfire, to help me embrace and accept the wide range of emotions I experience as I navigate life. Like Dan Siegel says: You’ve got to name it to tame it!



The Essentials - red card: Emotional Campfire


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